Double-glazed windows are designed to provide enhanced insulation, temperature control and noise reduction. However, with time, even the best quality double-glazing can start to malfunction. This blog will delve into the top five signs you need to hire double glazing repairs in Tendring.

Five signs that your double glazing windows need repair

Let’s delve into the top five signs that indicate your double-glazed window needs urgent repair. 

Condensation within the panes

Double-glazed windows are made of two glass panes. This setup provides better insulation. Often, fogging or condensation may emerge between the panes, indicating the sealant has failed. The failed sealant allows moisture to creep into the panes. This not only impairs the insulation but also clouds the overall aesthetic appeal of the window. 

Opening and closing

Double-glazed windows are supposed to open and close seamlessly. However, if you come across a hitch in opening or closing the windows, this might indicate a deeper structural fault. A damaged frame, faulty hardware, warped glass, or anything else could cause difficulty in operating the windows. In cases like this, you may need to hire a double-glazing repair service to restore its functionality. 

Cracks or fissures in the glass

Though the double-glazed window is much sturdier than a single-pane window, it can still succumb to damage due to impact, hail, and other weather conditions. So, if you start noticing fissures and cracks in the glass, it is time to hire a repair service today.

Drafts or air leaks

Double-glazed windows are built to provide better insulation. But, if you feel cold air creeping in through the windows, it is a surefire sign that the seals have failed, or for that matter, the frame has developed gaps and cracks. Drafts or air leaks can significantly affect the energy efficiency of the window. Moreover, they can make the winter nights uncomfortable. 

Noise pollution

One of the core features of a double-glazed window is reducing noise pollution. However, if you notice a sudden increase in your indoor noise level, you might want to address the problem since the fault could be due to damaged seals, gaps in the frame, or faulty hardware. 

Double-glazed windows are a robust investment for your home’s overall comfort. Hence, regular maintenance is the best way to ensure optimal health and performance. Harwich Glass & Windows can provide you with quality double-glazing repairs in Tendring. Reach out to us today.