Misted double glazing Windows are a common concern for those who own double glazing doors and windows in their house. Double glazed window units are generally filled with Argon gas between the two glass panes. This Argon gas helps control the insulation and temperature within the room premises. As soon as you see the mist between your double glazed window panes, you can be sure that the organ gas will stop working, and the temperature control within the room will get affected. 

Contact a professional for double glazing repairs in Frinton on sea immediately when you start facing such a situation. Leaving the problem unattended will cause your double glazed windows to get damaged further. This can turn out to be expensive later on.

Why do Double glazing Windows cause mist?

You will find the condensation in the double glazing windows either on the inside pane of the window or on the outside pain. Sometimes the condensation is also found in the air gap between the two panes of the glasses.

There is a sealant attached to every double glazed window responsible for holding two pieces of glass in a double glazed window together. You’ll experience the situation of mist only when the sealant gets damaged or starts to wear down. Sometimes a small hairline crack or a sudden fracture that might have been incurred during the installation process can damage the sealant. As soon as this occurs, the condensation builds up between the glasses and causes a misted window effect.

How to repair misted double glazing windows?

The sealant in a double glazed window will not hold good for a long time. Thus, companies installing double glazed Windows generally provide a guarantee on the same, allowing you to get the seal replaced as soon as it gets damaged. Repairing misted double glazing windows is an easy solution nowadays. Professionals prefer replacing the mister double glazed windows because refilling the sealant will not hold good for a long time. This will also not solve the problem of condensation. On the other hand, replacing the misted glass windows will give you a completely new look and make your double glazed windows durable in the long run.

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