A beautiful house needs proper maintenance to remain stunning over the years. At the same time, regular maintenance will help keep your home in good health throughout all the seasons. One of the vital aspects of house maintenance is taking care of fascia soffits and guttering.

What Are Fascia Soffits and Guttering?

Fascia Soffits and Guttering are some of the major components in every building structure. They play crucial roles in keeping the structure durable and strong.


There are longboards, typically found under your gutters and connected to the lower edges of the roof of your building. The bottom row of the roof tiles and the gutters get support from this structure. The fascia often makes your roof looks more attractive.


When you look underneath through the gutters, you can find soffits. They are connected to fascias to give proper support to the gutters. Soffits are the baseboards used to bridge the gap between the bottom of gutters and your house’s outer walls. This structure is also helpful in air ventilation in the area of the roof that is required to keep the roof durable.


The main job of gutters is to collect rainwater from the roof and let it flow through downspouts, keeping it away from the base of your house. They pass the rainwater along your house’s side through pipes directed to your property’s underground drainage system. They are designed to reduce the risk of water exposure that can cause damage to the foundation of the building.

It is important to maintain these three components to keep the entire structure of your house strong, durable and safe from damage. Removing debris, noticing the signs of dampness and inspecting leaks are some of the basic tasks every homeowner should do to keep these areas clean and functional.

Why Hire Professional Experts for Gutter Maintenance?

Though many homeowners think they can take care of their gutters independently, it should be handled by professionals only. They have the right tools, proper skills and vast experience in cleaning and maintaining soffits, fascias and gutters.

Harwich Glass & Windows is a reputable company that offers professional maintenance for fascia soffits and guttering Tendring. If you need some experts help to keep the soffits and gutters neat, clean and clear throughout the year, you can get in touch with us.