We all know the efficiency of double-glazing doors and windows as a modern building solution is known. Starting from energy efficiency to insulation, extensive security to noise reduction, they offer various incredible benefits. Though marketers have always positioned them in the market as a ‘maintenance-free’ solution, a little care is always beneficial to keep the double glazing installations at your home or office functional for a long time. However, it’s always recommended to call for experts in double-glazing repairs in Tendring if you observe any significant issues.

Why should you follow a regular double-glazing maintenance program?

Regular care and maintenance will allow you to spot functional problems which are minor and can be easily fixed. This will further help you save a great deal of money by decreasing the cost of repairs.

Inspect the hinges and locks

It’s important to unlock the windows and check whether the locks are functioning well, i.e., moving smoothly without juddering or sticking. The keys must be kept near the windows so that you don’t face any problem opening them in case of a fire.

Wash the windows and frames

Even UPVC double glazing installations require a basic cleaning program from time to time. It’s always recommended to clean them once every month. This will help you eliminate the chances of the build-up of dirt on the glass and frames and also ensure that the parts move freely.

Be careful of condensation and dampness

A little condensation on the windows is normal during winters, as the cold air meets the cold. However, if you observe a significant amount of condensation, you must understand that a crucial problem needs to be fixed immediately.

The final thoughts

Though double glazing windows have become a popular choice compared to traditional wooden windows, it’s always essential to maintain them regularly. With a team of experienced professionals, things will become easier for you to ensure that they are clean and well-maintained and face minimal repairing issues.

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