Fascia and soffits are the most neglected part of the house. Some people might have never heard of the same but have been seeing them regularly. Until the day the problems turn up, homeowners don’t care about the conditions of the fascia and soffits of the house. Along with the guttering, they play an equally important role in protecting the house’s roof. A soffit is the outer covering of the roof, whereas a fascia supports the gutter and helps seal the roof against adverse weather conditions. 

Hence, if you face problems with fascia, soffits and guttering Tendring, then call for professional help immediately so that the house’s roof is not damaged beyond repair. Here’s a list of common problems that might crop up in these places on the roof.

Four problems that can damage the roof

Peeling off paints

With time paints might peel off or flake out from the walls of the fascia and soffits, making the same look blunt and dull. This is a common issue for which you need to call professional experts to repaint and fix the same at the earliest. If you have a timber soffit or fascia, this problem will occur more commonly as timber is a vulnerable material.

Rotting and damping

You might suddenly notice that parts of your fascia and soffits show signs of dampness. This might occur now and then if they are left unchecked for a very long time. This must be treated immediately as the damp might spread quickly and damage the roofs.

Gutter clogging issue

A clogged gutter is also a significant cause behind the damage of the roofs, fascia and soffits. Excess debris might build up over time, and the water doesn’t drain out properly. This makes the gutters vulnerable to damage.

Sagging of gutters

If the gutters stay blocked for a long time, the water passage will not be smoothly possible. This will cause the gutter pipes to sag due to the heavy load of the water and debris. However, the hangers support the gutter, the heavyweight forces the gutters to sag. Sagging gutters can affect the fascia and the soffit structures as well. 

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